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Custom-made insectary
Model: WBK-T0002-V1

The mosquito rearing system mainly includes areas for larva rearing, adult rearing, sex separation and package. Equipped with the necessary equipment and technology, this system is mainly aimed at producing mosquito at small-, middle-, or large-scale to meet the needs of laboratory research, field studies and area-wide operation, respectively. It will utilize space effectively and mass produce mosquitoes using a standard operation procedure with the feature of easy operation, low cost and high efficiency. See a sucessful example of mosquito factory we design in Mexcio (Martin-Park, et al. PLoS NTD, 2020; Che-Mendoza, et al. J Med Entomol, 2021). 

Technical instructions:
1. Environmental conditions: room temperature 27 ± 1 , relative humidity 70 ± 10 %, water temperature 26 ± 1 ;
2. Larval feeding tray: the feeding density is about 2,000 larvae per tray, and the daily food amount is according to the feeding instructions of specific mosquito species;
3. Adult mosquito cage: the maximum feeding capacity of each cage is 3000♀: 1000♂, each cage will collect 50,000-100,000 eggs;
4. Automatic mosquito pupae sex sorter: this device can quickly separate the female/male pupae and larvae;
5. Rearing process: egg hatching, larval feeding, female/male pupae and larvae separation, eclosion and mating of male and female mosquitoes, adult feeding, recovery of eggs;
6. Provide technical services for the whole production process.