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Real-time PCR Detection System

1. 48 samples every layer, three independent temperature control system can simultaneous amplify;
2. High sample throughput, up to 144 samples detected at the same time, adapt to the 18 * 8 strip tubes;
3. Multi-channel temperature controls to ensure excellent temperature accuracy and temperature uniformity of the system;
4. By setting the temperature deviation to provide 1 ~ 36℃ gradient temperature function to meet the different needs of the experiments;
5. Up to 6+2 channel detection function;
6. Exportexperimental data, LIS connection, user define medical reports, Multi color printing function;
7. Automatic gain, strong automatic background correction function, automatically adapt to various reagents.

The product is based on fluorescence polymerase chain reaction, which can be used in the analysis of nucleic acid samples (RNA/DNA) from the human body, animal, plant and insect, etc.